Company Overview

Founded in 1990, American Trade Products is an industry leader in thermoformed plastic products. We currently supply multiple product programs to America’s largest Big Box retailers including: The Home Depot, Lowe’s & Wal-Mart. We also supply many other large chains such as Sherwin-Williams and thousands of independent retailers. Our products are inexpensive versions of permanent fixtures, which help simplify our customers’ lives.

The long term vision of American Trade Products is to be the industry leader of unique and innovative products that help simplify our customers’ lives. Through our unique design process we are able to continually drive innovation and be the market leader in product solutions for our customers.

Our mission is to bring innovative ideas to life. Our goal is to out service the competition and become our customers' first choice for new and innovative products. Through leadership, innovation, focus, and teamwork we are dedicated to continuously adding value to our customers and employees by performing at the highest level making us a quality first organization.

In pursuing our mission we live by these guiding values:

People: We will attract, motivate, and retain the highest performing people in all areas of our business. We value the commitment, knowledge and creativity of the men and women at American Trade Products thus allowing everyone in our organization the ability to contribute to our overall mission. Cooperation and respect among individuals and departments in our company are the fundamentals to the success of
American Trade Products.

Customer focus: Everything we do is directed toward the satisfaction of present and future customers. We will provide the highest level quality of service to our customers, both internal and external, by treating them as partners, by listening, understanding their needs, responding fairly, and living up to our commitments. We will invest in and master the key technologies vital to the success of bringing new products to fruition, thus offering multiple lines of products of the highest level of quality for the best value. Our goal is to exceed the current expectations, as well as anticipate the future needs and desires of our customers.

Good citizenship: We will comply with applicable laws and regulations at all levels of government wherever we do business. We will contribute to the communities in which we operate and address social issues responsibly. Our products will be safe to make and to use. We will continue to pursue new and innovative ideas which could result in a better environment.
Eco Friendly

All of our plastic items are 100% recyclable and made from R-PET which is a lightweight yet durable plastic that is derived primarily from recycled beverage bottles.  It is non-toxic and it is one of the most widely recycled materials in the industry.  The material is known for its strength and rigidity, its resistance to most oils, chemicals and solvents, and its attractive gloss surface finish.  All of our R-PET products are 100% recyclable after use.  In addition to thermoformed products, recycled PET is used back into production of textiles, bottles, carpeting, and strapping.
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