We at American Trade Products realize that many great ideas come from the general public. In realizing this, we use a joint effort between outside ideas and our in-house design team to come up with new products and innovations. Our design team is constantly looking toward the marketplace to see what innovative products we can create to help ease customer’s lives. We are always looking for feedback on existing products as well as new products and ideas from our customers to help us better serve the end user.

Once an idea is decided upon new products often go through several phases of design after the concept stage before hitting stores. First we take and idea and create a rough concept via sketches and 3D tools. After the concept is evaluated, we have the ability to create prototypes in about 24 hours using in-house design tools. Once the prototype is complete and in hand we can see what needs to be altered to make the product more successful and ensure success in the marketplace. Once we have finished all of the necessary design revisions, the product is sent to production and manufactured in its final form. Then it’s off to market.
Idea Submissions

If you have an innovative idea or product please let us know. We are always looking for new and inspiring ideas and or products. Please contact us.
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